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Without the support of our clientele friends and loved ones we wouldn't be the the Creatives we are and becoming, so we thank you !


Here at, Sinners & Saints

We want our clients and colleagues to feel welcomed and comfortable in our studio space, among like minded individuals that inspire us to keep pushing .

Pushing our boundaries and breaking through those uncomfortable moments to

adapt, grow, evolve and overcome. 

Creatives are forever evolving, allowing us to continue to create many amazing things in many forms of expression, not solely around artwork and tattooing.




Hello there !

For those of you who haven't met me , welcome! 

My name is Samantha, I am primarily a black and grey tattooist, whose looking to broaden my mind in design and composition as well as execution to provide you with a unique tattoo that suites YOU!, and fits your body composition best.

 This process is ultimately about the client yes, so I try and reflect aspects of the client through the tattoo even if its in the style approach.  

I thoroughly enjoy working with the client and collaborating with concept, as long as there is room for creative freedom. This  may include design, flow and leniency with photo references used for design if the quality of imagery provided isn't adequate enough to design from that I am seeking for your specific piece. 

Interested in Booking?

Subjects of Interest*

Black and Grey





Pet Portraits


Organics (floral)

The best way to submit an appointment request is to email me directly ,

In the email I ask you to PLEASE, send a detailed email pertaining to what YOU want to get tattooed, include reference photos to help convey your thoughts , photos of the area in which you would like to have tattooed and please, please , please, include the best phone number to contact you at. 

Please allow at least 7-10 BUSINESS days for a reply. 


I am currently booking JUNE AND JULY 2022. Booking is being done by priority of project and leniency of the client in design composition and scheduling. 

Yes. We require a deposit which does 3 things:

  1. Most importantly, goes toward the price of your tattoo day of appointment

  2. Secures a date and time for your appointment

  3. Allows your artist to go to the drawing board for your design

Upon booking A Minimum deposit of $100, IS REQUIRED. 

Our shop minimum is $120, and the cost goes up from there. The cost of your tattoo depends on a number of factors including size, placement, skin type, design style, and detail involved. For smaller tattoos, we will generally give a price estimate during the consultation process. For larger tattoos, such as sleeves, session fees will be determined as you go considering its priced by the hour at an hourly rate of $180/HR.

For Booking and Further Questions Please Email